FLY RECORDS was established in October 1970 by independent music publisher David Platz and originally based in the offices of ESSEX MUSIC at Dumbarton House, 68 Oxford Street, London W1.

Today, FLY RECORDS is managed by David’s son, SIMON PLATZ, from the offices of ONWARD  MUSIC at Onward House, 11 Uxbridge Street, London W8 7TQ.


Starting in the early sixties, David Platz set up production companies in association with record producers with the aim of signing artists and bands and licensing their recordings to record labels.

Early hits included ‘A Whiter Shade Of Pale’ (Procol Harum) and ‘I Can Hear The Grass Grow’ (The Move) both of which were licensed to the DECCA/DERAM label.

Fly Records

In 1970 Platz changed focus from licensing recordings to releasing them through his own record label, Fly Records, which was launched in October 1970.  Fly’s first release was the T Rex debut single, ‘Ride A White Swan’ reaching number 2 in the UK singles chart, thrusting Bolan’s entry to Pop stardom. T Rex’s ‘Electric Warrior’ became the label’s first UK number one album and remains an all-time classic album.

Pop success however did not temper the eclectic nature of the label’s management. Vivian Stanshall, proto-punk band Third World War, John Kongos (‘He’s Gonna Step On You’, ‘Tokoloshe Man’), theatre chanteuse Georgia Brown, TV composer John ‘Oneidin Line’ Keating, African-Caribbean singer/songwriter Richard Henry and classical guitarist John Willams were all housed by the label most notably known as the home of T Rex.

Cube Records

With a change in roster and a new label manger, in May 1972 Fly Records announced it’s incorporation into CUBE RECORDS, with a series of new albums from new artists (Joan Armatrading, Harvey Andrews & The Gasoline Band).

Electric Records

By 1976 Cube’s latest label manager Jeremy Thomas set up the Electric Record label for new artists, leaving Cube for back catalogue releases. Electric had hits with Quantum Jump (‘Lone Ranger’) and Gordon Giltrap (‘Heartsong’).

At the same time licensing deals were once again procured to handle the back catalogue and some new releases that didn’t fit the Electric remit, eg The Pirates, who found themselves honoured by young punks as their high energy no frills, riff laden rock was toured up and down the land. Their records originally came out on Warner Brothers.


Currently our catalogue releases are available as follows;


CDs : via Cherry Red Records’ imprints, mostly through ESOTERIC RECORDINGS, also RPM and other imprints

LPs (VINYL) : via Music On Vinyl

DOWNLOADS : via Fly Records through iTunes