Record Store Day Tips

Fly Records RSD releases are limited editions in their respective territories.

Each territory has a Record Store Day official website which lists participating record stores in the territory.





For the UK here is a handy map that helps locate participating record stores:

Scans Together

Limited copies of each release are produced and distributed by our distributor in their territory/ies. Not every record store will have an account with our distributors, there probably is not a single distributor who has accounts with every record shop in their territory/ies, and even if they do, they may not choose to order Fly releases.

Usually most of our stock is distributed to record stores by Record Store Day but there could be unsold stock with the distributor which can be ordered by record stores after RSD. Usually where demand for a record in a particular record store exceeds expectation they will want to stock or re-stock the record.

Seasoned RSD record buyers know the drill after all these years. Some people like the ‘is it in stock or not’ vibe, and some really hate it. However, here are a few tips for the uninitiated to try and help avoid the potential angst of not being able to visit a record store on record store day, or getting to the record store counter only to find they don’t have what you queued up for and seeing it available on an online auction site for three times the shop price…… Aaaarrggh! It isn’t a good feeling.

With so many RSD releases not all record stores have the budget or space to order multiple copies of everything they’d like to stock, so:

– always try and pop into record stores BEFORE Record Store Day to express an interest in a title – it will influence their orders giving you a better chance of getting the record you want that way.

– if you do not have a record store in your area, contact a few who do mail order, either by email or their social media and express an interest in a title. A week after RSD they will be able to sell you copies online via mail order.

Problem #1: my chosen record store day record store does not have an account with Fly’s distributors.

Solution #1: the best option is to research another Record Store from the list of participating store, find one that does have an account with our distributors and inform them of your interest in a release.

Problem #2: the record you want is not in stock in your record store of choice.

Solution #2: ask them to order copies from our distributor, details below.

Try to minimise leaving everything to chance, unless you like the thrill of the ‘is it in stock or not’ vibe.

Even with limited edition releases there’s usually enough copies for real fans, the demand/supply imbalance usually occurs when chancers pick up titles with the aim to hog the stock and sell at an inflated price. With a bit of luck and following our tips, you will find what you want from a record store.

There’s one golden rule. If you can resist looking on auction sites over the Record Store Day weekend, do so – it will only raise your blood pressure! Market forces and entrepreneurism are just part of everyday life – wait until the following week and check with as many stores as you can to find that record you wanted at the regular price. They can sell online the week after Record Store Day. And if no one buys the inflated priced records from auction sites then the prices will fall as these sellers usually do not want stock lying around.

And do bare one thing in mind. If you are considering a Record Store Day purchase but indecision is creeping in as to whether or not you really need that extra record…. invariably once stocks are sold out prices just rise according to demand/availability. If you make the investment and later change your mind the resale value will likely be at least the same as what you paid for it in a record store so you can always find someone who’ll want your copy and put up with the shipping charges. Especially if it’s still unopened.

So good luck and enjoy RECORD STORE DAY

PS if you wish to share any RSD tips just message us on social media and we’ll possibly add your comments to this page.

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